Breakthrough technologies require a change of face. For those on top of the ball, exciting new horizons await animation with huge strides being made in real-time technologies. These advancements are posing questions to traditional studio structures, and the future is being paved by industry innovators. Axis Animation’s very own CG Supervisor, Michael Zaman, has long known the benefits of such advancements and recently spoke to Inc, providing his thoughts on the future of animation production.

“A few (very few) traditional, high-end animation shops are getting wise to the incredible power and productivity of developing animation in Real-Time. One of these is UK-based Axis Studios, which created the computer graphics world for the excellent Netflix series Kiss Me First, and which does specialty work for several big-name organizations.

I recently had a long conversation with Michael Zaman, who is the supervisor of Real-Time Computer Graphics at Axis. He noted that while in the past they used Real-Time primarily for prototyping, they're now using it for an actual project because the technology can now create quality that rivals the more laborious CG processes of the past.”


You can read the full piece with Inc right here.