FMX, Germany’s flagship conference for the digital visual arts, technology and business is fast approaching and Axis Studios will be there.

Held in Stuttgart between 24 and 27 April, FMX is all about creating worlds. Bringing together experts from VFX, animation, games and transmedia, FMX is a platform for the industry to showcase cutting-edge achievement, revolutionary tools and real-time tech, breakthrough pipelines, incredibly immersive experiences, transformative business models and much more.

We’ve got a busy FMX planned, with everything from recruitment activities and giving you the opportunity to ‘Choose your Axis’, to our talented CG supe Sergio Caires talking about ‘Shading in Game Trailers’.

Choose your Axis’ hosted by Jill Wallace, Head of HR and Facilities, will be taking place on Wednesday 25 April in Raum Reutlingen between 14:00-14:30. You can hear about the amazing opportunities Axis Studios has for you, and find out how to join our growing team.

We also have a stall in the Recruiting Hub, so don’t forget to drop by and say hi! Our team will be at booth E13 in Eyth-Saal between 09:30 - 19:00 (26-27 April).

Finally, senior CG supervisor, Sergio Caires, will be talking ‘Custom Shading in Game Trailers’ at Raum Mannheim on Thursday 26 April between 17:00 - 17:40. Sergio will be exploring the evolution of the subsurface scatter shader on some of Axis Studios’ biggest projects.

We can’t wait to see you all there! Visit the FMX 2018 website to find out more and buy tickets.