CFX Artist

Location: Glasgow


Contract: Contract

The CFX Artist is responsible for developing and maintaining solutions to improve the final deformations achieved with the animation pipeline. They will work in conjunction with the project Leads and CG Supervisor to assess the project challenges prior execution and prototyping and develop effective solutions. The role requires an excellent knowledge of anatomy and a thorough understanding of biomechanics, attention to details, form, animation and the ability to correlate artistic requirements and technical solutions.



● Run a quality check on the animation deformations and develop procedural geometry manipulation workflows to improve the final quality.

● Set up and run Cloth, Hair, Muscles simulations.

● Work together with the CFX Lead to implement solutions adoptable by the whole team across multiple projects, assets, and platforms.

● Communicate with the Modelling team to ensure that the models are suitable.

● Prototype and implement new solutions, following the standard of our pipeline and contributing to its maintenance.

● Meet delivery deadlines under production constraints.

● Document and present their own work to the rest of the team and be able to mentor them.

● When required be assigned to rigging tasks during production ensuring exceptional standards, building and improving animation rigs on an ongoing basis.


Skills Required

● Excellent written and verbal communication and time management skills.

● Excellent knowledge of Houdini and/or Maya.

● Experience with Muscle, Cloth and Hair simulation.

● Being self-reliant and able to judge and review his own work.

● Solid asset building skills, including modeling and rigging.

● Ability to problem solve and predict potential problems with assigned tasks.

● A thorough understanding of the techniques and technologies relating to CFX simulation and procedural animation.

● A familiarity with scripting e.g. Python, hscript is required.