CG Supervisor

Location: Glasgow


Contract: Contract

The CG Supervisor is the link between our artists and the creative team. We are looking for a talented individual to join us and help us great more outstanding projects. 


  • Provide creative and technical solutions on an on-going basis throughout projects, which deliver to client and internal quality expectations.
  • Use these solutions to generate commercial results for affordable and profitable projects
  • Filter diverse feedback from both client and Product Director to members of the team.
  • Work with the project producer to drive the project team to meet schedule objectives.
  • Work closely with project producer to evaluate project estimations as the project develops.
  • During the pre production phase, to work with the director and producer to help define and refine the creative requirements of the project, so that they can be technically achieved within budget
  • Identify strengths of team members best suited to tasks
  • Troubleshoot project specific problems as they arise to support the team
  • Review the work of the team working on the project
  • Work with the coordinator to set tasks for the team working on the project.
  • Communicate and liaise with department leads to arrive at efficient, cost effective solutions best suited to the project.
  • Liaise where necessary with clients and third party contractors

An Effective CG Supervisor:

  • Has a strong, measurable track record in delivering against project goals.
  • Has an understanding of all stages in the project pipeline
  • Has the desire and ability to motivate and develop team members
  • Communicates in a clear and concise way both internally and eternally
  • Is a self-starter
  • Has the desire to lead and inspire others
  • Has at least 3 years experience working in a CG role

An Ineffective CG Supervisor:

  • Is a passenger on the project, rather than a driver
  • Puts their personal objectives ahead of the studio
  • Enjoys describing the problem more than solving it
  • Passes their challenges along to the team
  • Waits for responsibilities to be given, rather than taken