Creative Director

Location: Glasgow


Contract: Permanent

The role of CREATIVE DIRECTOR is critical to Axis’ mission to produce the best narrative entertainment content in the field of CG and animation.

The Creative Director’s mission will be to continually raise the bar in the field of creative excellence, for the Axis group as a whole (currently Glasgow, London, Bristol).

They will be a leader, a mentor, a coach. Highly talented, but great at inspiring the best in others. From spearheading a pitch to assuring final delivery of high quality content, they will be a reassuring, confident voice for the internal team (directors, heads of department, producers and supervisors / team leads) and our clients.

Reporting directly to the CEO, as a member of the Executive Management Team (EMT) and with the long-term possibility of a seat on the Board of Directors, the Creative Director will have equal responsibilities toward revenue and profitability. They will help drive forward new business, foster client relationships and assure creative excellence without compromising efficiency and profitability.


• Define the creative strategy, vision and direction for the studio overall.
• Create and foster a creative environment for all.
• Maintain exceptional creative standards across the studio.
• Contribute creative vision to strategic business planning at an executive level.
• Maintain ongoing awareness of all client industries from a creative perspective including new directions and business models.

• Be the outward looking creative face of the studio.
• Engage with marketing, press and PR endeavours, promoting recent creative projects as well as the creative vision of the studio.
• Build and maintain client relationships, especially with fellow creative counterparts.
• Add creative value internally and for clients, looking for solutions and opportunities outside of normal practices.
• Act as a point of contact for clients in situations where a high level perspective is required on creative issues (or in situations where creative issues need to be escalated internally by team members).

• Supervise, assist and communicate with Directors, Art Directors, Heads of Departments, Supervisors, Leads and Producers across all three studios to ensure the group is delivering a high standard of work, that client requirements are met and that appropriate feedback to clients is completed.
• Provide a strong link between creative, management and technical departments.
• Ensure that the creative team is aware of trends & improvements in both techniques & technology.

Mentoring & Supervision:
• Mentor, coach and develop the creative team to increase skills and quality of output.
• Oversee the work of other Directors and Art Directors across all projects in a supervisory capacity, providing mentoring and constructive feedback where required.
• Play an active role in brainstorming sessions with Directors and Exec Producers, helping to steer creative solutions to meet objectives.
• Actively support and advise Directors and Exec Producers through the development of creative pitches - and, if appropriate, be involved in the pitching of ideas to clients alongside the Director.
• Quality control and improvement of departmental output through regular scheduled reviews, including identification of opportunities to increase value of the final output.


• Inspire, nurture, encourage and challenge.
• Get as much satisfaction from guiding as they do from creating.
• Be ambitious.
• Be flexible.
• Listen to others.
• Trust others.
• Make difficult decisions.
• Solve creative and personnel problems.
• Fight for great ideas.
• Present work and ideas in a dynamic, compelling and entertaining way.