Head of Production

Location: Glasgow


Contract: Permanent

The Head of Production is responsible for the successful running of the production department across the Axis Studios group (currently Glasgow, Bristol, London). This involves structuring and developing the personnel, processes and community of the production department.

The Glasgow Producers are the main area of focus for the Head of Production. However, the HOP exerts a strong influence over all facets of production across the group, working closely with senior production team members on strategy, planning and department performance.

Internally, the HoP requires daily interaction between Ops, HoDs, Management and other key stakeholders across the Axis Studios group to solve studio wide problems and ensure the successful running of projects. Where necessary, the HOP will be asked to take a view on studio-wide processes, even if they fall outside of the immediate remit of the production department.

The role will also involve a strong outward-facing element. The HoP must be able to confidently represent the department to external vendors and partners, whilst relishing the opportunity to influence client strategy / handling on live and pitching projects. A strong working relationship with the Executive Producers is key to help maximise the creative potential of any project, and keep the studio thriving from a business point of view.

Problem solving, task delegation, leadership and a keen eye for logistics are the key skills for this role.

The ability to fearlessly innovate and push for change is hugely advantageous.


  • Overview on all projects to ensure budget, margin, schedule and quality are on track.
  • Line management of all Junior Producers, Producers and Senior Producers in the Glasgow studio.
  • Direct training, mentorship and development of the Producer team.
  • Hire, contract, allocate, re-allocate, and where necessary action the termination of Producers.
  • Establish and direct all internal and external project reporting processes.
  • Collaborate with EPs, Management and HoDs to determine future studio project plans and priorities.
  • Intervention and triaging of the most challenging/demanding project as required.
  • Provide input when required for resolution of budget versus creative conflicts that impact the overall quality of the project.
  • Identify best working practices and training requirements to ensure projects are managed efficiently.
  • Establish and drive effective client handing strategies alongside Eps and Producers.
  • Devise a longer-term Production strategy in line with the business vision and growth plans.
  • Promote a collaborative and harmonious production environment. 
  • Implement, maintain and improve studio processes and culture.

An effective Head of Production:

  • Takes responsibility for ensuring the problem is solved.
  • Puts the outcome for the studio as a whole first.
  • Can both anticipate a problem and either prevent it or limit the damage.
  • Can be objective on any issue.
  • Responds pro-actively to stress.
  • Acts confidently, but with compassion.
  • Never assumes everything will go smoothly.
  • Sees the bigger picture.