Axis Studios has unveiled new branding, a new showreel and a new website in a move to streamline and unify the studio’s diverse portfolio of work. Previously operating as three individual brands – Axis Animation, axisVFX and Flaunt Productions – the company has consolidated as Axis Studios Group to unify its offering to its global roster of clients. 

The new branding, created by graphic designer and illustrator, Nic Shuttleworth, encompasses a number of core elements that come together to create a distinctive look and makes the Axis Studios brand instantly recognisable. The studio’s new logo uses a varying palette of colours to reflect the creative flexibility and extraordinary breadth of work Axis produces. 

Axis Studios has also released its latest showreel, featuring standout work for global clients including Universal Studios, BBC, Riot Games, Netflix, Microsoft Game Studios, Sega and Blizzard Entertainment. Watch the full reel here

Richard Scott, CEO of Axis Studios, comments: “In December this year Axis will be 20 years old. Over those twenty years, we've changed a lot as a studio and this unifying of our branding is the culmination of that. More than ever, we are sharing projects, opportunities, people, ideas, talent, tools, and creativity across all the studios. The timing just feels right to bring us all even closer together.”

Nic Shuttleworth, the designer, describes the branding concept: “We strived to retain existing brand elements from the three studios which were already well-liked and recognisable. In reducing the studios into a single brand, we simplified our core assets leaving only the purest elements, a bold graphic manifestation of who Axis Studios is, both as an organisation, and creative individuals”.

She continues, “This will continue to allow flexibility and playfulness when bringing all the elements together, and will enable Axis Studios to produce compelling communications with a high degree of individuality across a wide range of projects”.