This Summer has been an absolute scorcher. We all love the sunshine, but it sometimes creates challenges in a country that doesn’t see a lot of it. But it’s ok, we have the solution:

A couple of hours from London is a beautiful British city with a creative heart. We have the historic buildings and the traditions you would expect in of one of the world’s oldest and greatest ports. But we’re also one of the most progressive and multicultural urban centres in Europe.

Bristol is the home of Massive Attack and the Wild Bunch Collective, Roni Size, DJ Eats Everything, plus artists Banksy and Damien Hirst. The streets are alive with music and colourful street art. Bristolians are friendly, funny and proud of our hometown. And we LOVE a Festival: film festivals, music festivals, cider festivals, graffiti festivals, a hot air balloon festival and even a sausage festival…

Bristol is easy to get around (it was Britain’s first ‘Cycling City’) and there are plenty of quirky things to see and do. The shopping, restaurants, and nightlife are top-notch, but you don’t have to travel far to see beautiful countryside.

And then there is work: Bristol has a long and successful history as a centre for the moving image, making high-quality drama, documentaries, movies and, of course, animation. Perhaps there is something in the water: John Cleese, Lee Evans, Cary Grant, and animators Nick Park and Peter Lord, were all born here. This reputation was sealed with the city’s recent recognition as a UNESCO City of Film (one of just 13 in the world), and Bristol continues to invest and develop facilities and talent in filmed media.

axisVFX also continues to invest, and we are always excited to meet new talented artists. So if you’re feeling the heat, why not take a break and visit us in Bristol - the coolest place to be this Summer, and all year round.


Why Bristol is the coolest city in Britain