How do you take one of the world’s most iconic footballers and reimagine him in the Clash of Clans world?

That was the challenge set for us by New York creative agency DAVID and their client Supercell. Their goal: seamlessly transition Erling Haaland into the fantastical animated universe of Clash of Clans, cementing him as the first ever real person to be depicted in the game. 

Collaborating closely with Supercell and DAVID New York at the early campaign stages, Axis Studios, led by our resident director Olly Reid and executive producer Nicole Duncan, spearheaded the creative production efforts. To bring this vision to life we brought together sports specialists Founder Creative with our own animation and visual effects teams.

Throughout the project, the Axis team not only guided the film's creative journey from storyboarding to the final picture but also provided VFX supervision and on-set support to ensure the smooth integration of CG elements with live-action sequences. Axis’ commercial veteran Director Olly Reid also provided comprehensive on and off-set direction, to ensure both the real life and CG versions of Haaland harmoniously came together in the final piece. 

This new cinematic endeavour serves as the opening of a major campaign featuring Erling Haaland, whose limited-edition avatar skin will be available for players to purchase and play as of May 2024.