Executive Producer Traci Tufte and our Head of Realtime Michael Zaman delve into how we used realtime technology and a virtual camera set up to create this trailer for Wizards of the Coast. Directed by duo Tobias Trebeljahr and Carol Leander Ratajczak, Magic The Gathering: Theros: Beyond Death was created for Wizards of the Coast for the Winter 2019 Magic the Gathering card expansion.


Set in the eerie plane of Theros, characterised by looming Greek architecture and a moody, cosmic atmosphere, the trailer combines horror and fantasy, focussing on the tension between a dreamlike world and an underwater nightmare.

Dualism was an important aspect to this trailer, and as with all our collaborations with Wizards of the Coast, each of the pieces has a really strong emotional core. The virtual camera setup better enabled the team to realise the ambitions of the directors and the client and to make choices that support the emotion and flow of the story.