When you need a flying, blue, imaginary unicorn, who do you call? Axis, of course!

We’re currently wrapping up work on Happy!, the new SyFy show based on the graphic novel by Scottish writer Grant Morrison.Our Bristol studio was responsible for the creation of the CG Happy himself, and more besides.

In total, we’re set to deliver over 900 shots for the show, which premiered December 6th in the US for an eight-episode season. It’s a level of animation, performance and screen time for a CG character that’s unprecedented in the world of TV. We couldn’t be prouder of the team for delivering incredible work for such an exciting project.

Happy! recounts the experience of drug-addled, alcoholic ex-cop turned hitman Nick Sax (portrayed by Wet Hot American Summer’s Christopher Meloni) who teams up with imaginary unicorn Happy (voiced by stand-up comic Patton Oswalt) to find a young girl kidnapped by a deranged Santa Claus…. I know, right?

Axis superheroes from all three studios (Glasgow, Bristol and London) joined forces with showrunners Brian Taylor and Patrick Macmanus to develop characters from initial concepts, through to animation and final rendering.

On top of the work delivered for the main show, we also lead the production of three 20-second marketing spots (including the creation of simulated, multicoloured CG vomit) and completed the animation for an exclusive AR app, which lets users see Happy in the real world via their smartphone screen. Yes, you can now have your very own imaginary friend!

Happy! premiered on Syfy on 6th December. Details of a UK air date will be announced soon.

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