Created by Tim Miller and David Fincher, Netflix’s Love, Death, and Robots (LDR) is an 18-part animated series of shorts, showcasing the work of multiple animation studios. With each story non-conjunctive to the next, every episode portrays a unique narrative, differing aesthetic themes, and a broad range of creative styles. Axis Studios were presented with the opportunity to create an episode—directing, animating, and producing the sci-fi thriller, Helping Hand.

Adapted from Claudine Griggs’ short story of the same name, the episode uses visually stunning CG to bring the industrial, yet futuristic setting of Earth’s orbit to life. Axis Studios set out with a mission to push the graphical capabilities of their creative team, producing their—self-described—most photo-real human to date.

Watch these behind the scenes videos to find out how Axis employed a host of creative and technological solutions to create photo-realism whilst illustrating an artistic signature.