There’s a rising trend in the world of animation that could produce the world’s next billionaires, but the potential of the technology driving the change remains widely underappreciated. In truth, real-time animation, the tech in question, is quickly and readily expanding beyond the realms of the gaming industry and into high-end animation suites, emulating the best animations with far greater speeds.

A continuation of his last piece entitled, “The Next Billion Dollar disruption,” Geoffrey James spoke to Axis Studios to revisit real-time in greater detail, utilising the expertise of our very own Michael Zaman to further emphasise the importance of this game-changing shift.

Michael Zaman, supervisor of real-time computer graphics at Axis (arguably the UK's top animation studio) explains:

"People will use real-time visualization and motion capture with digital doubles and characters more and more as way to take things to a sort of digital live set, where a director can be a live action style director without the limitations of reality."

While it might seem from the examples above that big studios are dominating the "cutting edge" application of real-time animation, the technology is so inexpensive that even rank amateurs can get pretty amazing results, as you'll see below.”

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