With university and school starting up again and exam results out, what better time to look at paths into the industry and the different career journeys of the team at Axis? In the following weeks, we will be sharing profiles of our brilliant colleagues in the talent department. They’re going to dive into their journeys through the creative industries and share top tips on how you can kickstart yours. First up is Sanchari Kesler, Talent Consultant at Axis Studios.

Where it all began…

I started my career as a compositing artist in India and worked on quite a few Bollywood projects before moving into production and managing of artists, clients and budgets. I relocated to Australia to work on Happy Feet 2 as production for the Modeling Department and then went on to a few other companies such as DNEG, Weta, MPC, Framestore and Nvizible, where I had a lot of opportunities to work on Hollywood VFX productions. 

My career into VFX recruitment came about when I moved to Germany to be closer to my family. I needed to find a remote job that was a good fit considering all the experience I’d gained over the years and also the contacts made. Axis made that transition possible for me and helped me gain a lot of experience and confidence in the role! 

Seeking out the right people for the project requirement and the studio as a whole is a major part of my position here. It involves a certain amount of headhunting, speaking to people who are not just juniors but inexperienced, as well as seniors and supervisors. It helps to have an understanding for those just starting out and seeing their potential as well as a sense of humour for dealing with those who are undeniably divas. It’s a bit of a rollercoaster ride sometimes, but one just enjoys it. 


Creating talented teams

My goal at Axis is to ensure that I find the right fit for the studio and for the projects that have the requirement. Being of a practical nature, I know that chances of hiring are higher when we present the qualified person for the role, rather than everyone that has applied. That said, if the qualified person is a junior, they will also be presented to the supervisor for review. 

In my position, I specialise in finding the mid-senior/ supervisor level people as my experience helps me to foresee who might work out better in these roles, or who might have the potential to move up a few levels at Axis. However, we’re always looking for fresh talent, and I also spend time seeking juniors to help out with projects. They get the opportunity to work with some of the industry's most talented people, learn how schedules and production work, and improve their skills through it all. 


Keep going!

So, to everyone wanting to get into the industry: never give up. If you have passion and keep learning and developing your skills, you will come across your first opportunity, that first step into the industry. If you get rejected that first time, upgrade your skills and make another application until you find your fit. 

Make sure you have a kickass showreel - and remember to detail your contributions in it! Don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s the best work you have ever done - there’s always room for improvement. Be critical of your own work. Keep watching the reels of other seniors so you know what to aspire to and keep studying. 


Don’t hold back

Axis is a great place for you to start your career in animation and VFX. Here’s a hitlist of where imagination gets you at Axis, and why it’s an awesome place to begin your journey in the industry:

  • Exposure to high-end projects.

  • Experience in working with super talented teams, from supervisors to leads, to the brilliant artists you’ll be creating with.

  • Being part of a mentorship program where you can ask your questions and have your doubts clarified. 

  • Experience of working in a studio environment, which is vibrant and alive even when working remotely!

  • Excellent upper management who are very hands-on and available to all.

If you’re feeling inspired, be sure to check out our careers and opportunities. Whether you wish to submit a speculative application or fancy going for a more specific position such as our new openings across an unannounced animated Marvel series, we have something for everyone!