Before you set out in this industry, someone probably warned you that it wouldn't be easy, right? 

The creative industry is built on perseverance. Just because you get a ‘no’ the first time, second or even twentieth time doesn't mean it will always be a no.

We have put together a few tips on perseverance just for you and why it matters within the industry:   

Tip 1. There is no set time frame. 

Some people land a role as soon as they step into the industry and for others it might take a little longer.  We have met artists at events that we have genuinely wanted to work with, but it can sometimes take awhile for the stars to align. Just because you get knocked back for one role or opportunity doesn't mean it's forever or that the company is not interested in you; it may simply be down to the fact we don't have the right project or the correct position for you at the time. So, keep persevering and checking the Axis Studios vacancy pages as you never know what might come up.

Tip 2. Maintain relationships.

Have you updated your website or folio? If yes, let us know! We are always interested in what you are up to, and who knows, it could be in line with a project we are working on at the minute. Maintaining relationships matter because you are consistently connecting with people. You're getting your name out there. Most importantly, you are engaging with the industry you want to work in, which will hopefully help you further your career.

Tip 3. Mindset matters.

Great, you've got your foot in the door, job done! Nope, you need to remember that even once you’ve made progress to where you want to be, you should always apply the same principles of promoting yourself, making connections, building relationships and ensuring you're doing the great work to continue to progress your career.

On a final note, careers aren't always linear and there isn't one straight path that fits all.  Don’t let your expectations of how it should be blinker yourself from opportunities.