Our Animation department brings our imagination to life. Working on a diverse range of projects and styles at any one time, from photorealism and living paintings to 2D cartoons, there’s no shortage of opportunities to inspire you. 

Surrounded by passionate people, the Animation department believes in creating  a nurturing environment based on trust, creativity and dedication. With team members from a diverse range of backgrounds with unique talents and skills, you never stop learning. 

Our Animation team prides itself on its buddy system, designed to acclimate new-starts to our pipeline and give you all the support and resources you need to thrive. There are opportunities for senior members of staff to take on mentorship roles, while interns have the chance to move into junior roles and beyond.

As an animator - nothing moves without you. You have the power. You breathe life into our characters and make them laugh, cry, fly and fight.

We need your power. We need you.

Check out these amazing opportunities: