Our Assets department marries fantasy with realism, building universes as small as a fairytale kitchen, and as big as an alien planet. Working on a multitude of projects from photoreal to stylised, you create environments that take influence from nature, history, and make-believe. 

Analysing and investigating intricate details of surroundings, from sculpting photorealistic cities to organic shapes like rocks and trees, you create the atmosphere, mood, and sense of place in a scene. Exploring multiple facets of an environment that stretch beyond 3D, you understand the importance of composition, rhythm, light and colour, with a wide and impressive skill set.

Working in a close, approachable team that takes pride in all of their work, you can evolve according to your passions, specialising in niche areas that you can take ownership of, with the encouragement and support of an expanding department.

You take the two dimensional and make it into three. You turn pixels into plastic, paper, stone and skin. You see what isn’t there, and make it visible.

We want to see what you’re made of.

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