Our CFX department conjures the fantastical, enhancing characters and creatures, from spectral wing cats to futuristic astronauts. Creating physics based simulations that operate in the real world as well as alternate realities, CFX is all about creating believable, dynamic visuals, finessing the details of animation. 

Working with Lighting, Animation and Rigging, you nurture collaborative relationships, with an emphasis on problem solving and sharing skills and knowledge. The CFX team creates custom and efficient simulations in a Houdini-dependant pipeline, including cloth, hair, feathers, skin and muscle, giving you the opportunity to blend a creative flair with technical abilities. 

A small, ambitious department that encourages you to develop professionally and personally, CFX offers endless possibilities for creative input, allowing you to hone your skills on the job as well as offering a library of courses and training material.

You give creatures the wings they need to fly. You dress characters in fluttering capes. You defy gravity. 

Help our imagination take flight.

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