Our Compositing department understands each digital ingredient of animation, perfecting the combination to deliver a stunning moving image. Constantly experimenting, you work closely with the Lighting department to craft bespoke creative solutions for projects across video games, TV and film. 

Providing continuity and consistency in line with the Director’s vision, you receive instant feedback to constantly push the quality of your work, sharing knowledge with your team and developing your creative eye and attention to detail. With plenty of opportunities for creative freedom, you have full control over the look of the final image, playing with aesthetic elements like contrast, brightness, exposure and shading. 

With a real sense of camaraderie, our Compositing team trusts in each other’s skills and abilities, constantly learning on the job, and developing through internal training.

You take all of the pieces and make them whole. You tweak, experiment and perfect. 

You are the translator of artistic vision. 

Join our team and share your skills. Check our our current vacancies: