Our IT and Facilities department keeps the Axis show running smoothly, at the forefront of creative solutions for technology and communication. Offering a unique working environment unlike many IT cultures, you’re constantly evolving in response to new project and studio demands.

No two days are the same in this stimulating team, where close relationships and trust allow you to navigate a constantly moving puzzle of new software, hardware, artist relationships, and management feedback. From being the welcoming face at the front desk, to solving technical and logistical problems for artists, you’re constantly kept on your toes with exciting and complex work.

With regular training sessions, learning on the job and the chance to gain qualifications in new software, our IT and Facilities team keeps the teams motivated to improve your skills and knowledge.

IT’s all about hardware and software. 

Capability, inventories, tickets, capacity, compatibility, security...

Put simply, without IT and facilities there’s no show.

Have you got what IT takes?

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