Our Previs & Layout team bring projects to life by creating the first CG version of a show, trailer, or cinematic. Adapting storyboards and scripts, the Layout department has the important job of staging environments, characters, and props;  visualising and preparing each shot telling the story through camera and character staging.

Passionate artists from varied backgrounds bring a wealth of experience to the team, and more importantly; imagination, effort, and the highest of standards.  At Axis, we pride ourselves on passing on our knowledge and best practices, ensuring our colleagues are supported, both artistically and technically, throughout their time with us.

As a Previs / Layout artist, you’ll have the chance to work on amazing content; from AAA game cinematics to feature films, and so much more. You’ll need to bring your critical thinking skills and be willing to iterate until the vision of the director is realised. With a healthy mix of creative and technical work, Previs is a role that’s highly demanding and incredibly rewarding.

With us, there are many opportunities to develop your career; senior staff can take on mentorship roles while interns can progress into junior positions and beyond. You’ll also get to work with some A-list names and be part of a dedicated team of professionals.

What are you waiting for?  Check out our opportunities below: