Our Previs and Layout artists help bring projects to life and allow the Axis Studios team to visualise and prepare each shot of a project. The Previs and Layout department provides the team with an idea of timing, storyline, and project framing.

Our passionate and experienced artists come from different backgrounds, bringing a vast experience to the team, each reaching their goals with their imagination, effort, and high standards. 

Our studio is passionate about passing on knowledge and methodology on best practices and techniques. Axis ensures the team is supported both artistically and technically throughout their time on a Previs/Layout project. 

As a Previs/Layout artist, you will have the opportunity to work on key projects such as next-generation games, cinematics, cutscenes, commercial projects, and many more. There are many opportunities for growth as senior members of staff can take on mentorship roles, while interns can progress into junior positions and beyond. 

With us, you will have the chance to work on exciting projects, work with huge names and work alongside a dedicated and passionate team.

Check out our opportunities below: