Our Production department is the driving force behind Axis’ output of high-quality VFX and animation. Comprising a motivated team of go-getters, you’re surrounded by dedicated, out of the box thinkers who are integral to every stage of the pipeline. 

Liaising with clients, directors and artists, and ensuring the best possible outcome for a project that fits scope and schedule, our Production team runs like a Formula 1 car. Whether your foot is on the pedal, you’re changing gears or you’re taking the wheel, each member’s input is equally valuable for reaching the destination. A fast-paced family of problem solvers, you always welcome the twists and turns on facilitating and delivering a project. 

Constantly investing in the team with room to develop on a range of projects, from realtime to pre-rendered, our Production department supports your evolution of skills, with plenty of opportunities for career progression.

We don't care if you're an eager young rookie or a grizzled veteran as long as you enjoy challenges, and eat stress for breakfast.

Join Axis and find out what you're capable of.

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