Our R&D team are the technical experts who craft the machine, developing new pipelines, systems and tools for our artists as well as spearheading innovative research into the next generation of film making. 

A cohesive, friendly crew consisting of three sub teams - Pipeline, R&D and Realtime, our R&D department implements Agile methods with Scrum. You work with people who are adaptable, proactive, disciplined and with high coding standards, whether self-taught or at degree, masters or even doctorate level. 

Our R&D team offers mobility between roles, from pure coding to engaging directly with artists and producers on a production. Supporting your ambitions, you receive internal training and the opportunity to upskill in any specific area, allowing you to develop your passions and also benefit the wider team. 

You’re a coder, you’re an innovator, you haven’t found all the answers yet. But you will...seek and you will find.

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