Our Realtime department looks to the future, fascinated by new possibilities, whether in the world of video games or virtual production. Giving you the opportunity to be part of a team that’s developing and exploring new workflows and ways of producing content, our realtime team is becoming a prominent part of what we do at Axis. 

Working with a tight knit group of creative, divergent thinkers, you get the chance to work on multiple IP’s and project styles including for TV Shows, in-game cinematics, virtual production and location based entertainment.

Exceeding limitations for the future, our realtime department encourages you to push yourself further than you thought possible. Offering mentorships and training opportunities, our Realtime department shares ideas as a team, with a keen passion for visual fidelity and cutting edge technology. 

Our Realtime team knows that time is just an illusion. Some time exists in the future, waiting to be designed, built and rendered before it exists. Some time exists now. Right. Now. No waiting, no rendering. REAL time.

Your time is now.

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