Our Story department are the alchemists, transforming words into images. They portray the vision of the Director and encompass all elements of a project, from environments and character design to scripts, ensuring that every story is told in the best way possible. 

Constantly sharing ideas and techniques, the Story department’s skills lie in communication and adaptation, offering you the chance to develop close collaborative relationships with artists and directors. With a broad creative eye that examines mocap, cinematography, editing and lighting, and knowledge of anatomy and expression, our Story team is the first to bring epic universes and characters to life. 

A motivated and talented department that treats every member equally, the possibilities for growth are huge, whether into senior roles, or moving into directing and writing. Offering internal training and mentoring, the team supports and challenges one another, always learning with an open mind. 

You’re the teller of tales, the spinner of yarns, the narrator of imagined worlds. Help us create our perfect ending.

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