Our VFX 3D department creates state of the art CG adding scale, drama and magic to live-action projects from a range of diverse genres including sci-fi, natural history, fantasy and drama. 

Our VFX 3D department works across multiple disciplines on a range of projects small and large, sometimes simple, often complex. The team employs a range of off-the-shelf tools like Maya, Houdini and Nuke and also benefits from a cross-studio pipeline framework of proprietary tools.

Highly-skilled teams are tailored to the unique demands of each project, which means your work is varied and constantly evolving. With an ethos based on flexibility and diversity, you’re encouraged to nurture multiple interests alongside a specialism, working on film, TV and documentaries. 

Combining technical, creative and academic knowledge, our 3D team comes from varied backgrounds from product design and architecture to fine art. Your ideas are always encouraged in regular meetings where you can give feedback on pipeline improvements and new ways of working.

Offering opportunities for advancement, you also get to take part in global events and talks and get involved with cutting edge technology.

You make the real world fantasy. You make the fantasy world real. 

Lend us your imagination and find out what you can create. 

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