Senior Animator

Location: Glasgow

Specialism: Animation


Contract: Fixed Term Contract

Axis Studios is looking to an experienced Senior Animator. You will be considered for a range of feature animated projects, from short-form, episodic, and feature animated film work. These projects will also cross a varying range of styles.

The Animators primary function is to create a high-quality character or creature animation for ongoing projects.

Please note all applicants at the time of application must have full working rights for the UK and hold an appropriate visa where applicable.


  • Body Mocap Cleanup
  • Character and vehicle keyframe animation
  • Facial capture implementation and polish
  • Facial keyframe animation
  • Camera layout/Previs
  • Scene caching and clean up


  • Accomplished examples of keyframe animation, both character acting and full body
  • Thorough knowledge of Autodesk Maya is essential
  • Good communication skill and ability to work interactively with production and other departments to solve production challenges
  • Strong understanding of the principles of animation, with a keen eye for character pose and staging
  • Good knowledge of cinematography
  • Extensive experience working and editing mocap data
  • Experience with Maya camera sequencer a plus
  • Experience working with Maya Trax and blending animation clip data
  • Thorough knowledge and understanding of basic real-world physics and their application for animation
  • Proven production experience within a team
  • Minimum of 6 years experience


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