Digital Matte Painting Supervisor

Location: Glasgow

Specialism: Animation


The primary duty of the studio Digital Matte Painting (DMP) Supervisor is to manage and lead the DMP team on any given project, ensuring that the team’s output meets the desired quality/budget targets set by the Studio and Head of Department. The DMP Supervisor is also required to complete individual DMP tasks while helping to benchmark the final output on any given project.

Helping to flag and manage any Departmental/inter-Departmental dependencies, maintaining an overview of the Department's scope and ensuring tasks are being delegated based on ability and Project requirements are all areas the DMP Supervisor will be expected to engage with at Project level.

In addition to these primary duties, the studio DMP Supervisor should actively look to mentor and guide the DMP team, or other relevant people, within the Studio, ensuring artists are educated through all stages of production, passing on knowledge and methodology on best practices and techniques, and making sure the team is supported both artistically and technically throughout their time within the Studio.

The DMP Supervisor is also expected to participate in basic line management tasks alongside the Head of Art. Helping to evaluate the performance and well-being of the DMP team, inputting on recruitment decisions and assisting with any personal development discussions/planning is also required.

Additionally, the studio DMP Supervisor should represent the Department for all interdepartmental and cross-site pipeline communication and tool development, while ensuring any pipeline issues and solutions are presented to the Head of Art, filtered down to the relevant Departments/wider studio team and documented as appropriate.

Finally, the DMP Supervisor should look to provide guidance, support and solutions for any immediate Departmental production issues across the studio, communicating to the Head of Art the effects on any long-term project planning.


                 DMP Supervisor is under the line management of the Head of Art




  • Direct the assignment and breakdown of the Project tasks, making sure that the tasks are assigned based on ability and any inter-Departmental dependencies.
  • Actively monitor and re-scope the Project content being created, flagging to Production any changes that have occurred and the likely impact that might result.
  • Maintain awareness of the budget and schedule impact of any proposed technical and creative solutions.
  • Help Production to communicate with the client, raising any Project issues and potential solutions.
  • Provide verbal/written briefs to Project DMP artists prior to the start of any task, outlining any possible challenges, creative intentions and task deadlines.
  • Work alongside the Environment, Lighting, Rendering and Compositing and any other relevant Departments to ensure that DMP deliveries and solutions are suitable for the Creative/visual/Narrative/Technical requirements for a given Project.
  • Work closely with the RnD Department to identify processes/improvements/tools to increase Department productivity.
  • Work with the Head of Art and DMP artists to implement Departmental solutions suitable for adoption across multiple projects, assets, and platforms.
  • Work with the Head of Art and Recruitment to identify suitable artists for the Department and assist in any required interviews.
  • Ensure any new Department team members are inducted into the Studio and mentored on best practices within the Department.
  • Carry out informal 1-2-1 with team members to provide guidance, mentorship and support where required.
  • Maintain communication with the Head of Art outlining any production, personal, personnel or pipeline issues within the Studio Division.
  • Work alongside the Head of Art, Head of Environments, Head of LRC and any other relevant Departments to rationalise yearly Objectives and Key Results for the Studio’s DMP development needs.
  • Undertake any additional work agreed upon and within the skillset DMP Supervisor may have i.e. concept art


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