Executive Producer of Games

Specialism: Animation


Contract: Permanent

The Executive Producer of Games is charged with the development of new client relations across the gaming sector, the maintenance of existing client relations, as well as to collaborate with and work alongside key creative staff in the successful delivery of pitches. They are also key in the final delivery of content to both client and internal expectations regarding impact, quality and overall success. 

Their role is to work alongside the Head of Business Development, Directors, Head’s of CG, Head of Realtime, Heads of Departments and other EP’s to generate positive growth in the Gaming Sector including realtime opportunities. 

This involves the successful delivery of new business revenue to agreed targets within the specific market sectors, defining client and business development strategies that provide the correct framework for this growth, and reporting regularly to the Axis ‘mothership’ in Glasgow on progress. While expanding on the studios existing client relationships is of course of value, a focus should also be given expanding our list of new clients. 

Reporting directly to the Head of Business Development, this role can be carried out remotely, with working hours overlapping GMT. 

Key Responsibilities 

  • Have a full understanding of customers, collaborators and competitors; opportunities, risks and challenges, within the relevant market(s). 

  • Research, identify, seek out, and acquire new business opportunities in these markets. 

  • Develop relationships with new clients and prospects, including attending industry events and meetings. 

  • Continue to grow our existing client relationships, ensuring client satisfaction and repeat business. 

  • Attend client and supplier meetings, both on and off site. 

  • Bid, budget and schedule new projects to a high degree of accuracy in collaboration with Axis the Head of CG, CG supervisors and other key stakeholders. 

  • Identify the most suitable Director and creative team to answer the client brief.

  • Work collaboratively alongside the Director in the development of the pitch, inputting ideas where required.

  • Work with the Heads of CG, Head of Production, Head of Art and Head of Business Development to create and deliver successful pitches and win new projects 

  • Achieve agreed sales targets. 

  • Support client relationships on live projects from a high-level perspective. 

  • Regularly report project and pitch status to Finance, Planning and the Executive Management Team (EMT)

  • Ensure client satisfaction in the final delivered project

Required Skills 

  • Balance the challenge of maximising creativity within budget and schedule.

  • Naturally organised and methodical in your approach to work, motivating and leading others with enthusiasm 

  • Instinctively anticipate both risks and opportunities, mitigating or capitalising upon them as appropriate 

  • Respond proactively to challenges, remaining calm and personable even under pressure and when working to deadlines 

  • Manage upwards, as well as across and down with an ability to delegate effectively 

  • Put the outcome for the studio as a whole first 

  • Intense passion for video games 

  • Experience in outsource management or business development preferred 

Axis is a multi award winning Animation and VFX studio. Spanning two UK studios, we share a fascination for the possibilities of art and technology, and a passion for discovering where imagination can take us next. 

Axis is committed to equal opportunities. Click here to find out more.


Axis is committed to equal opportunities. Click here to find out more.