Animated Feature Lead Editor

Location: Glasgow

Feature , Editorial

Axis Studios Group are currently recruiting for an experienced Lead Editor to join them on site in Glasgow to support with an upcoming feature project.

This role requires working creatively with the Director and production team  to get the best outcome for the project. A thorough knowledge of Premiere Pro, AVID and prior animation editing experience is essential. 


  • Work closely with the Director, Animation teams and members of the production team to help shape a memorable story that will resonate with the audience.

  • Create and work within pre-production and production pipelines

  • Create and work within post production pipelines

  • Determine necessary specifications and follow through on end delivery 

  • Edit and assemble shots from the various stages of CG shot production while monitoring story, timing, pacing and action in line with the director’s vision. Includes making necessary suggestions, additions or trims, and updating within the pipeline, distributing the information to the affected departments

  • Use your knowledge  of cinematography and animation timing to support the Director’s  creative vision.

  • Act as the hub for the story and timing for all departments, including constant awareness of the state of the film, various notes and versioning required to complete sequences, etc.

  • Work with production to ensure the pipeline status of shots, sequences and dialogue match the existing edit.

  • Alert Creative and Production when any discrepancies arise between the planned story and the existing material


  • Previous experience as a Lead Editor on a Feature film preferred but not essential

  • 10 years professional experience, including extensive Feature Animation or Animated Television experience. 

  • Completion of at least 3 projects as a Lead Editor

  • Experience with editing for animatic, as well as CG Production and the phases of animated films required.

  • Extensive knowledge of Post Production and delivery required.

  • Complete and expert understanding of Adobe Premiere and the necessary connections to design and production pipelines

  • Understanding of animation timing, cinematic scenes and dramatic structure

  • Strong knowledge of story structure, comedy and animation required

  • A passion for film and cinematography

  • Ability to work collaboratively and on a deadline