Head of FX

Location: Glasgow

Specialism: Animation

Heads of Department


Contract: Permanent

The Head of FX is responsible for the management of the FX Department across the Animation division of Axis Studios.

As such they are indirectly responsible for the creative/technical leadership and delivery of every project within the Department to budget, scope, schedule and creative/technical expectations. 

The role requires a skilled Head of Department with a broad background in creating different kinds of FX assets and shots as well as proven examples of supervising and mentoring FX artists of various levels. The ideal candidate will be able to demonstrate the ability to participate as a leader and hands-on contributor through all stages of FX production.

The successful candidate will be responsible for ensuring appropriate staffing and resourcing decisions have been taken at a project level. While also ensuring all Department Leads/Supervisors maintain and reflect Studio values, culture and best leadership practices.

Additionally, the Head of FX will promote technical and creative innovation while working with RnD and other Heads of Departments to develop the overall Department and Studio pipeline. 

They will also be the first point of contact for all line management needs within the Department, helping to appraise, coach and develop all Department members. The Head of FX should personable, proactive, and a self-starter who can motivate and lead the team around.

The Head of FX will help to bid and break down the FX needs on any required pitch, defining work rates and methodology required for this. They will be responsible for monitoring the final delivery of the Department ensuring technical specification and quality control standards are being met at a Departmental level.

Finally, they will be working very closely with the Head of CG, helping to ensure the Studio goals are being planned for at a Department level. They will also where necessary support the Head of CG in delivering on studio-wide initiatives in pipeline and work practice within the Department.

The Head of FX  falls under the line management of the Head of CG and is a part of the Animation Division Leadership team.

This role can be performed remotely, in line with Studio UK core hours and with designated onsite studio visits at various points in the year.


  • Supervising the effective delivery of all Departments outputs to a high creative standard and expected technical execution.
  • Build and grow the FX Department and pipeline to deliver to all stylistic creative and budgetary needs.
  • Ensure FX assets/shots meet specifications provided by all relevant Departments.
  • When necessary manage feedback and technical challenges on project alongside the CG Supervisor and Department Leads/Sups.
  • When necessary interpreting and communicate the Directors/Clients feedback and vision to the team for any challenging FX needs.
  • Assist with project bidding alongside EP and project CG Supervisor, ensuring all departmental bidding methodology is being followed.
  • Monitor creative outcomes and technical solutions for efficiency and standardisation across the Department.
  • Continual coaching on best practices regarding technical artistry and creative problem-solving across the Department.
  • Lead any initial HR issues within the Department and help to monitor any HR issues across the Department
  • Recruitment, training and Departmental strategic planning for the FX Department.
  • The broadcasting and education of Studio values, culture and leadership practices to all under their line management.
  • On behalf of the Studio/Department liaise where necessary with any Clients and 3rd party Outsource Contractors.


  • Great communication skills with the ability to work constructively with other departments to solve production and technical challenges.
  • The ability to confidently Supervise and Manage a team of artists.
  • The ability to produce high-quality FX assets suitable for production both technically and artistically.
  • Knowledge and experience in delivering FX assets/shots across a variety of different Artistic styles.
  • Accomplished examples of producing effects such as smoke, fire, clouds, water, steam and explosions, plus experience with particle and voxel-based rendering
  • In-depth knowledge of Houdini FX and Arnold is essential.
  • An eye for detail, a good sense of timing, and a thorough understanding of techniques and technologies relating to physical simulation in CG.
  • A good knowledge of Animation and Lighting and Compositing principles and the ability to feedback to the departments.
  • An understanding of 2D FX workflow and best practices.
  • An effective Head of FX will have the following skills/attributes:
  • Compassionate and supportive, with the desire to coach others toward their potential. 
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to communicate clearly and adjust style depending on individual
  • Clear, decisive and calm under pressure. 
  • Creatively astute. 
  • Able to prioritise workload with conflicting deadlines.
  • Constantly seeking personal and professional improvement.


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