Senior Previs/Layout Artist

Location: Glasgow

Previz & Layout

Contract: Freelance

Axis Studios is looking to hire experienced Senior Previs & Layout Artists on an ongoing basis, to work on next-generation games cinematics, cutscenes as well as commercial projects.

The Previs and Layout Artists primary function is to create high-quality staging, blocking and camera work that makes the foundation of a successful shot and/or sequence of shots, across a variety of styles and projects

This role can be performed remotely, with working hours overlapping GMT. 


  • Creation of proxy assets for 3d previs.
  • Translation of storyboards and animatics into 3d previs.
  • Staging, blocking and camera work in 3d layout.
  • Finessing of cameras at the animation stage where required.
  • Maintaining consistent quality, style and continuity, both visually and technically throughout the project.


  • Accomplished examples of previs and layout.
  • Thorough knowledge of Autodesk Maya is essential.
  • Good communication skills and ability to work interactively with production and other departments to solve production challenges.
  • Strong understanding of cinematography, with a keen eye for composition
  • Preferred experience working with mocap data.
  • Experience with Maya camera sequencer a plus.
  • Experience working with Maya Trax and blending animation clip data.


Axis is committed to equal opportunities. Click here to find out more.