Lead FX Artist

Location: Glasgow

Specialism: Animation


Contract: Contract, Freelance

Axis Studios is looking to hire experienced LEAD FX ARTISTS on an ongoing basis to lead project based FX teams with the potential for exceptional candidates to move into a more permanent role within the team.

This role requires a skilled FX artist with a broad background supervising and creating high quality FX assets and shots across a variety of projects.

Prior Supervisory/Lead experience is essential. Thorough knowledge of Houdini is required as is the ability to troubleshoot technical problems. A good understanding of the animation pipeline including pre-production, production and post-production is also beneficial.

Tasks will include working together with the Head of FX and the production team on the early stages of projects to ensure the schedule and team is appropriate for the project. tasks will also include building FX assets to create a variety of realistic and stylised FX elements, and implementing these on specific shots, providing the lighting and comp team with both test and final renders of these elements.

Key Responsibilities

  • Managing the project’s FX team and it’s pipeline throughout the course of the production
  • Helping production drive the project team to meet schedule objectives
  • Being proactive in mentoring and developing all members of the FX team in the department across several projects
  • Quality controlling FX output on assigned project
  • Feedback and managing technical challenges on project alongside the CG Supervisor and Dept leads
  • Liaising with production on task assignment and scheduling of the team
  • Interpreting and communicating the director feedback and vision to the team
  • Design and create realistic and stylised FX using sprite/volumetric rendering techniques and Houdini/Maya particle systems
  • Create dynamic or rigid body simulations
  • Create tools, utility scripts, expressions and other digital assets to streamline the set-up process and achieve the desired look
  • Take responsibility for producing the final looks of FX sequences, including integration with other CG elements
  • Provide slap and final comps (as required)
  • Keep CG Supervisor and Head of FX informed of progress, changes and other critical issues

Required Skills 

  • Strong leadership skills and the ability to confidently supervise a team
  • A desire and ability to motivate and develop team members
  • Good communication skills and the ability to work interactively with others.
  • Ability to feedback to pipeline and direct any technical changes.
  • In depth knowledge of Houdini FX experience is essential
  • Experience rendering with Houdini/MANTRA preferred
  • Having an animation or commercials background is beneficial
  • Some experience with MEL or Houdini scripting
  • Some compositing experience, preferably Fusion or similar
  • Ability to integrate into existing pipeline infrastructure
  • Ability to support yourself and take initiative
  • Ability to understand and implement feedback


  • 2 + years production experience is required.


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