Lead Previs & Layout Artist

Location: Glasgow

Previz & Layout

Contract: Contract

Axis Studios is looking to hire an experienced Lead Previs & Layout Artist to work on next-generation games cinematics, cutscenes as well as commercial projects.

The primary duty of the Lead Previs/Layout Artist is to manage the Layout team on a given project, ensuring the team's output meets the desired quality/budget targets set by the Studio and the Head of Department. In addition to this primary duty, the Lead Previs/Layout Artist is also required to complete individual layout and previs tasks, helping to set the benchmark for the layout quality, style and quota for the given project.

The Lead Previs/Layout Artist should actively look to mentor and guide the layout team on their project, ensuring Layout Artists are educated through all stages of production, passing on knowledge and methodology on best practice and technique, and making sure the team is supported both artistically and technically throughout their time on the project.


  • Work alongside the Director to help contribute creative direction to the layout team and project where necessary.
  • Assist Production and the Director in steering and conducting project departmental reviews.
  • Creation of proxy assets for 3d previs.
  • Translation of storyboards and animatics into 3d previs.
  • Staging, blocking and camera work in 3d layout.
  • Finessing of cameras at the animation stage where required.
  • Ensuring consistent quality, style and continuity, both visually and technically throughout the project.


  • Proven production experience acting in a Lead role.
  • A strong, measurable track record in delivering against layout department goals and targets.
  • Strong leadership skills and the ability to confidently Lead a team.
  • A desire and ability to motivate and develop team members.
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to work interactively with others.
  • Exceptional cinematographic abilities, with a keen eye for editorial elements and storytelling.
  • Experience with Maya camera sequencer would be a plus.


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