Lighting Supervisor

Location: Bristol


Axis Studios is on the search for a Lighting Supervisor to join our VFX studio in Bristol.

The Lighting Supervisor is responsible for the establishing the technical needs of a project and ensuring the smooth running of the Lighting pipeline. This role requires someone with a strong artistic eye as well as demonstrative technical ability. 

The Lighting Supervisor will work collaboratively with the Heads of many other departments. They must have a strong understanding of CG pipelines and production methods and a strong management style with excellent organizational and artistic skills. They must also be able to work with the studio teams in our office and attend meetings regularly. Occasional travel to locations might be required. The Lighting Supervisor will work closely with the CG and Animation Teams to ensure that the productions' needs are understood and met.

The Lighting Supervisor should be comfortable managing teams, (including interviewing, scheduling, and mentoring artists). They are also required to develop a deep understanding of the studio pipeline, work within it, and ensure that their artists are doing the same.


  • Responsible for the artistic lighting of an environment, characters or elements within the vision set forth by the VFX Supervisor;

  • Provide guidance to the team on show-standard templates and light rigs, and on beautifully lit, stunning images for our compositing team;

  • Manage the rendering process for shots;

  • Setup and maintain templates for shows, sequences or shots;

  • Ensure consistency across artists and shots;

  • Oversee rough, preliminary composites of renders for dailies and reviews;

  • Work with and support the CG Supervisor to fulfill the creative vision of the show;

  • Work closely with other artists under tight production schedules;

  • Lend insight to CG Supervisors, TDs and Render Wranglers to help correct pipeline inefficiencies;

  • Respond quickly to the needs of management and clients;

  • Work proactively and collaboratively with all the other departments.


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