Realtime FX Artist

Location: Glasgow

Realtime , FX

Contract: Freelance

Axis Studios seeks a dedicated IN-ENGINE FX Artist to join our Realtime Department and work alongside the FX department, who helps create all FX content for in-engine projects.

As part of the Real-time FX team, you will help bring to life the in-engine effects and co-operate with artists who do both pre-rendered FX as well as in-engine FX. Your role will be to help the team, building fx in-engine, and working with team receiving feedback and push the quality of the in-engine effects.

This is an exciting and unique opportunity to shape the future of an animation studio by embracing emerging technologies across a wide variety of realtime projects. If you are an ambitious artist looking for an opportunity to continue working with AAA-games in a more cinematic manner, on the cutting edge of animation and visual effects, then we look forward to your application. 


  • Able to creatively and technically create realistic and stylized effects for in-engine projects with a good eye for movement, scale and look
  • Be the person who pushes the quality of the in-engine FX with support from other Houdini FX TDs & Senior Artists
  • Making sure the effects created are shaded and well implemented into the in-engine project
  • Work in partnership with other departments to ensure that shots are delivered to the highest possible standard
  • Work within the FX team to determine the various design solutions needed to create the effects
  • Keep CG Supervisor/Lead and Head' of Realtime informed of progress, changes and other critical issues
  • Take on feedback from Lead's and clients to push the quality of FX


  • In-depth knowledge of any of the following engines: Unreal, Unity or CryEngine. With higher weight on Unreal 
  • Intermediate knowledge of 3D software, preferably Houdini but also Maya, 3DS Max or Cinema 4D
  • Good mathematical skills that allows the artist to solve simpler mathematical problems that arise once working in-engine


  • High level of expertise using UE4
  • Experience with scripting languages such as C++ or Python
  • Able to draw or create your own sprite sheets in a more artistic manner
  • 1-2+ years experience working with in-engine effects either in a game studio or cinematic studio 


Axis is committed to equal opportunities. Click here to find out more.