Rigging Supervisor

Location: Remote

Specialism: Animation


Contract: Permanent

The primary duty of the Rigging Supervisor is to manage and guide the Rigging and CFX team on any given projects, ensuring that the team’s output meets the desired quality/budget targets set by the Studio and the Head of Department.

Helping to flag and manage any departmental dependencies, maintaining an overview of the department scope, ensuring tasks are being delegated based on ability and project requirements are all areas of expected engagement for the Rigging Supervisor.

In addition, the Rigging Supervisor is required to assist the Head of Rigging in the initial setup of the project, inputting on project bid, and helping to develop the project planning and execution for the department.

Together with the Head of Rigging and the Departments Leads, the Rigging Supervisor will assess the project challenges prior execution and prototyping and developing efficient solutions adoptable by the whole team across multiple projects as well as helping to maintain the existing pipeline. The Rigging Supervisor is also expected to engage in basic line management tasks alongside the Head of Rigging.

Helping to manage the performance and well being of the team on the projects as well as inputting on recruitment decision for project when necessary.

The Rigging Supervisor should actively look to mentor and guide the Rigging team on their project, ensuring that the artists are educated through all stages of production, passing on knowledge and methodology on best practice and technique, and making sure the team is supported both artistically and technically throughout their time on the projects.

The Rigging Supervisor will be under the line management of the Head of Rigging.




● Direct the assignment and breakdown of the project tasks, making sure that the tasks are assigned based on ability while taking in account interdepartmental dependencies.

● Overviewing of the departmental tasks progress, flagging to Production any concerns or developments that have occurred.

● Helping Production to manage the information being sent to the client, making sure we’re offering to the client clearly defined issues and potential solutions, while also outlining any ramification if issues aren’t solved.

● Actively monitor and re-scope the content being created, flagging to Production any changes that have occurred and the likely impact that might result.

● Monitor the output of the department ensuring is suitable for Animation.

● Provide verbal/written brief to the riggers before the start of any task, outlining the possible challenges whilst considering the creative intentions required and the task deadline.

● Work alongside the Head of Rigging and the EP during the initial scoping of the project department budget, inputting on quality targets in respect to budget and any departmental scoping concerns.

● Work with the Head of Rigging and HR to identify suitable artist for the project, helping conduct interviews when required.

● Working closely with RND Department to identify process/improvements/tools to increase department productivity.

● Work closely with the Art Director, CG Supervisor, and Departments Leads to take the most efficient creative decisions that guarantee the best output.

● Work with the Animation department to design efficient rigs ensuring exceptional standards, building and improving animation rigs.

● Ability to document and present brief and proposal to the rest of the team.

● Mentoring and coaching the members of the team on an individual and collective basis.

● Evaluate and improves existing rigs and rigging tools/pipeline.

● Prototype and implement new solutions, following the standard of our pipeline and contributing to its maintenance.

● Work together with the Supervisor and other Rigging Leads to implement solutions adoptable by the whole department across multiple projects, assets, and platforms.

● Communicate with the Modelling team to ensure that models are suitable for rigging.

● Be aware of the budget and schedule impact of technical and creative solutions to meet delivery deadlines under production constraints. Skills Required

● Excellent written and verbal communication and management skills.

● A desire and ability to lead others members of the team.

● Ability to efficiently delegate tasks throughout the team.

● Willing to be part of a team of different skill levels and contribute to the growth of others and to the achievement of common goals.

● Being able to monitor and judge the team work.

● Ability to problem solve and predict potential problems with assigned tasks.

● Thorough understanding of weighting, skinning and be able to work interactively with modelers to resolve challenges.

● Proven experience in designing and delivering high-quality rigs. Experience with complex facial rigging is desirable for this position.

● Excellent knowledge of Maya.

● Excellent Python and GUI scripting and the ability to follow adopted coding standards.

● Understanding of Muscle, Cloth and Hair simulation is a plus.


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