Abed’s deep-rooted understanding of the power of a striking image has been used to great effect in his role as Director for Axis Studios. Abed started his career in software development, before becoming VFX Supervisor at Blackmountain Studios in Germany, overseeing campaigns for global brands including Sony-Ericsson, Nokia, Braun and Mercedes. In 2011, Abed was selected to direct the first two live-action short films from Marvel Studios, featuring members of the Avengers cast. Abed began working with Axis Studios in 2017, and has since worked on some of our biggest video game projects, including Dawn of War III, The Elder Scrolls Online, League of Legends and Darksiders. Abed’s passion for art, photography and high-level concepts are at the heart of all of his work, and he thrives on the creative process and collaborating with talented artists.

Department: Directors