Art Director

Almu exercises her keen eye for detail and passion for world-building in her position as Art Director at Axis Studios. Prior to studying filmmaking she had a career as an architect and draws upon this experience in her art direction. She considers these professions to be related to a certain degree, each being concerned with the macro and the micro: large environments and small details. The main difference being that architecture is confined by the limits of our reality, whereas the possibilities with animation are boundless.

It is this boundless potential that drew Almu into the world of animation. She worked as a scene illustration and background artist for Cartoon Saloon on their animated features Wolfwalkers and My Father’s Dragon before joining the art department at Axis Studios in 2020. As Art Director she is involved with projects at various points in the animation pipeline and views her role as the bridge between a story and its visual; translating words into pixels.

Department: Art