Render Support Manager

Starting with Axis Studios in 2015, Andrew Clunes has applied his skillset to a variety of roles. After adoring Toy Story and adventurous video games as a child, he knew he wanted to find a way to work in animation. This led him to become an assistant teacher in 3D computer animation, before applying to Axis to become a Render Wrangler.

Across the years, Andrew’s knack for finding creative solutions allowed him to glide seamlessly from Rendering and IT, to FX artistry. Now, he is our Render Support Manager and has brilliant ambitions for Axis. Always reliable, our teams know they can depend on Andrew. More than this, he aims to take the renderfarm to a new level of flexibility and goes above and beyond to educate others on rendering and data management so that Axis is always working at 110%.

Departments: Heads of Department ; R&D