Bristol Studio Manager

Celia brings a breadth of experience in theatre and television production operations to her role as Bristol Studio Manager. Graduating from Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, she began a career as a stage manager in a repertory & touring theatre before joining the BBC drama department as an Assistant Director. Thriving in an environment of long hours,unpredictability and never-the-mundane, Celia enjoyed juggling priorities from coordinating large crowds of extras, directing second unit explosion sequences, to being a stand-in driving double in an Aston Martin DB5! As a First Assistant Director, she gained extensive scheduling knowledge and practical understanding of the filmmaking process in a variety of projects including high-end drama and feature film.

Whilst working with Aardman Animation on a Spice Girls music video and children's series, Ghosthunters, she gained experience combining live action with animation and capturing background plates for visual effects. Since joining the Axis team as Studio Manager, Celia now juggles the day to day requirements of the VFX studio and more recently successfully managed a major studio expansion. 

Department: Facilities