Executive Producer

Chris Wenting’s vivid imagination and passion for the industry has benefited him greatly in his role at Axis as an Executive Producer. It could be said that his career was sparked when he was just 12 when he became engaged with computer graphics, creating Dragonball-Z models for video games and working on small-scale CG-animations. After he graduated from studying animation and VFX at the Dutch Film School in Amsterdam he moved to London to work at MPC. As it was his first job in the industry, he soon realised that teamwork does make the dream work, an ethos which he has carried with him since then. His experience as a producer has brilliant diversity, from multiple VFX-based/ animated features to short-form CG trailers, commercials, and music videos.

Chris began at Axis Studios in 2018, and has since worked on widely successful projects such as K/DA: More and MARVEL SNAP. In between feeding back to teams, making creative decisions, and surfing on his lunch break, he’s streamlining processes so that Axis can constantly push its quality and fidelity across the board.

Department: Executive Producers