Chief People & Culture Officer

Chief People and Culture Officer, Emma Bibby, is a powerhouse of all things human resources with over 17 years of experience in HR & cultural roles. She brings an immense pool of knowledge from within the creative industries, including being FCB Inferno’s HR and Culture Director. Emma joined Axis in early 2023 to oversee the people strategy including all cultural aspects of the company, learning and development, talent acquisition, and diversity and inclusion.

Emma is our cultural architect, joining all the needs of the Studios to best support our current and future talent, alongside making sure all our policies, ways of working and systems support our values and vision. 

Emma has always wanted to help people. Now with Axis, she does just that. Every day, she elevates and champions the people that make up our studio, fostering an environment where they can do their very best work while prioritising our strong and inclusive culture. 

Departments: Management ; Heads of Department