Realtime CG Supervisor

Floyd’s love affair with video games began at a young age, his imagination spurred on by a hand-me-down Playstation. After graduating from the University of Hertfordshire with a Bachelor's degree in Games Art, Floyd began his career as an Environment Artist, working for studios such as Rare and Exient, before becoming a Senior Artist with Splash Damage for the critically acclaimed Gears of War franchise. 

Floyd joined the Axis team in 2018, and has since worked on esteemed projects in his role as Realtime CG Supervisor, from Magic The Gathering and Outriders to PS5’s Sackboy: A Big Adventure

With nearly a decade’s experience in the industry, and an eclectic range of artistic and technical skills, Floyd utilizes cutting-edge realtime technology to create high-quality CG cinematics, delivering visionary and memorable realtime experiences for our global clients.

Department: CG Supervisors