Head of Animation

After watching a Looney Tunes episode at a very young age, Friedl decided to be an animator - and hasn’t looked back since. A graduate of The Animation School in Cape Town, South Africa, he began his career as a Generalist before rising through the ranks at a myriad of studios in South Africa and Canada. Involved in everything from cartoony and stylised projects to hyper-real animation, Friedl’s experience spans TV shows, commercials, video games and feature films, including Modus FX’s apocalyptic hit This Is The End.

Friedl joined Axis in 2016 as an Animation Supervisor, lending his expertise in character animation and performance to projects such as Mattel’s Welcome To Monster High, Syfy’s Happy!, and the BAFTA-winning ‘Helping Hand’ from Netflix’s Love, Death & Robots

With 16 years experience in the industry, Friedl brings a broad range of experience and skill to his role as Head of Animation, building talented and motivated teams, creating new systems and pipelines, and ensuring all Axis productions are of the highest quality.

Department: Heads of Department