Deputy Head of Production

Iain Beeston, Deputy Head of Production, brings over a decade of experience in the retail and tech industries working with people, processes, and problem-solving in leadership roles. Drawn to Axis Studios from a lifelong passion for film, television and games industries, he started with us as a Production Manager. With no shortage of creative knowledge, spanning everything from personal production to acting and music, his imagination, innovation, and work ethic saw him become our Deputy Head of Production in 2022.

He is an adaptable and positive leader and has brought a strong visual eye to projects such as MARVEL SNAP and multiple in-game cinematics for Destiny 2: The Witch Queen. Collaborating with the Head of Production and teams across projects and departments, Iain brings solutions to issues when they arise, all whilst providing invaluable leadership support. Ultimately, he ensures that Axis is operating with consistency, efficiency and experience across several key areas of project processes.

Department: Production