CG Supervisor

Jonathan Blair initially graduated in product design, but he had always had an interest in animation and was drawn to explore and study 3D animation. At University he had the opportunity to be part of a group project that went on to gain a BAFTA and Royal Television Society nominations. Full of possibility leaving university, he joined the production for The Illusionist at Ink, alongside doing freelance work involving product visualisation, stage projection and television, before joining Axis on a NETS trainee scheme. 

First coming to Axis as a generalist, Jonathan wanted to explore different roles in the industry, moving into lighting then look development and is now a CG supervisor.  

As a CG Supervisor Jonathon is the link between the creative and the technical, implementing the creative aims of the director, ensuring client feedback is carried out and leading the project team. He ultimately guarantees that our work has the visual fidelity that is expected. It is clear that he’s successful in this mission, having supervised projects such as KDA: More, Deathloop, and Kiss Me First.

Department: CG Supervisors