Head of Previs and Layout

When it comes to CG, Lee Croudy can just about do it all, making him a perfect fit for Axis Studio’s Head of Previz and Layout. He has a range of experience throughout the whole production pipeline, both creative and technical. Spending almost a decade at The Monk Studio where, as employee number 3, he was involved in rigging, pipeline development, layout, animation, script writing, voice acting, and ultimately directing by the time the studio hit 200+ employees. 

His initial inspiration to work creatively came from growing up watching the Muppets and films like Legend, Never Ending Story, and Short Circuit- anything that had puppetry and animatronics. He was always fascinated by how these creatures came to life. 

As a Head of Department, Lee’s main focus is improving the everyday work experiences of his teams and developing and growing artists. This has recently looked like creating vital documentation and supporting the leads and artists, ensuring they have the creative knowledge to grow and develop. His key philosophy is to be proactive, not reactive, working on ways to be as efficient and effective as possible. This method allows more space to explore and be creative.

Departments: Heads of Department ; Previz & Layout