Head of Animation

Rishab Chitroda started at Axis Studios with a bang, with his first project as Animation Supervisor being Deathloop. After being a key part of many more projects, he has gone on to become our Head of Animation. To this position, he brings brilliant knowledge as well as a vibrant approach to leading his teams.

Watching Sunday morning cartoons was a staple in Rishab’s childhood, and Dreamwork's Animation movies such as Prince of Eygpt sparked a desire in him to animate. He didn’t let go of this dream until he got it, starting his career with a trainee role at Crest Animation Studios in India. From there, he went on to create The Boss Baby: Back in Business, All Hail King Julien, and The Penguins of Madagascar with Technicolour as an Animation Director.

Creating quality animation is the number one pillar of Rishab’s day-to-day, which means being involved the planning of a project right through to final output. Whether he is sourcing mocap vendors, or finding answers to the question “how can this sequence be even better?”, Rishab’s main philosophy is to make sure that his team is happy. For him, happiness is a byproduct of something larger. If your team is happy, have a good work/life balance, are enjoying their role, it results in a polished, brilliant final project every time.

Departments: Heads of Department ; Animation