In collaboration with frequent partner Bungie, Axis Studios produced several cinematic cutscenes for Destiny 2 expansion The Witch Queen under the direction of Axis co-founder, Stuart Aitken. Working closely with the cinematic and narrative teams at Bungie, Axis focused on crafting high-quality visual representations of several major key characters, and major locations, helping to drive the powerful storytelling in this highly anticipated major expansion of the original game.

Building upon and expanding the existing backstory and lore, The Witch Queen expansion cutscenes reveal several dramatic twists in the narrative, helping to bring players fully into the epic storyline unfolding around them. Based on carefully crafted performances, the team created spectacular visuals for 57 shots and 14 separate CG characters from writhing worm gods, to foreboding sky tanks and villainous alien masterminds.

Always happy to build on their long-standing partnership with Bungie, the Axis team revelled in the opportunity to revisit the Destiny universe together once more.